The Empyreal Remnants

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Empyreal Remnant: 14k Gold Bishop

Artist Statement

Empyreal Remnants are works of fine art and fine jewelry.
I create Remnants from a desire to better understand and express the immeasurable beauty I see in the nature of all things. Through my works, you may discover a fragment of that boundless mass in the ether we know as many things and to which we are disposed of love.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to bring Empyreal Remnants into the world because these fragmented bits offer us a greater sense of self, not merely by the aesthetic traits of the physical object they inspire, but by noticing the subtle and profound impression you perceive from it.

With every Empyreal Remnant you acquire, I hope that you cherish the value of every impression assembled into a greater sense of the beautiful nature within you. It is also my hope that you pass Remnants on to your loved ones, that they remain with them for many generations.

-Ricky McRae

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